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Micro-Social Network
A micro-social network is a fully functional social network with all the features of Facebook /LinkedIn such as friends /connection /profile generation /messaging / News update/Photo Album/video upload/Forums/Group forming ability for a Target audience.

Advantage of building a targeted micro-social network as opposed to open a community/Page in LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter is astoundingly high

  • The builder will have full access to member's profile database, Member’s mailbox
  • The Builder will NOT be known to the community
  • Qualified backlink generation to improve page rank (which is not allowed in LinkedIn or Facebook)
  • A very high visibility in Google’s organic search which is not possible with commercial site
  • Generate new leads for products/services
  • Communicate with prospects/customers on new offerings or for cross sell and upsell
SMTG developed a lot of micro-social network and it offers a full service to develop micro-social network. Some of the micro-social network we have developed:

For Software developers, IPTV, Embedded Systems:
For scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs:
For litigation professionals, e-discovery, IP infringement:
For Education delivery professionals:
Renewable Bazaar:
System Engineering:
IIT Social Network:
Mezzanine Finance:
A Lifestyle Social Network:
Love and relationship:

Our Competitive advantage

  • We have developed and perfected the architecture of Micro Social Network
  • We can structure the workable architecture in 2 weeks for any company to launch its Micro Social Network
  • We have the greatest skills in “Crowd Sourcing” for any Micro Social Network
  • Speed of execution, Knowledge of the marketplace and generating leads are our main competitive advantages
  • Our game plan includes developing connectivity thru web to wireless as the customers / prospects /groups move to different media
QUAD - Integrated marketing platform leveraging Micro Social Network

We developed a successful marketing process through a four pronged IT/blog/Micro-social network design. Integrating
marketing effort in LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo groups aggregated into a single effective physical IT platform. Our four elements of marketing are:

  • Lead generation based on Micro-social networking; Promoting your product/service to thousands of social media forums through "Technology community development approach"
  • Branding to position your product/service with the latest trend of technology buzz words through quality Tech blogging and spreading them to hundreds of relevant forums in target groups of LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo/Google groups and other technology groups
  • Broadcast messages using your own mail-delivery platform : 100% delivery without spamming
  • Enhancing SEO/SMO : Use Google's preference for social media in Organic search by a proper SEO using SMO ( Social Media Optimization)

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