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Facebook Promotion

We use a complete whitehat technique to bring authentic "super-targeted" real facebook profiles.

We are the only "like" supplier company who can

  1. Bring super-filtered fans/connection by City, State, Country, Zip codes, ethnicity, indutsry and language.
  2. We also charge per likes. That is after each 1000 likes we will send you invoice. We do not charge any advance.
  3. For general likes without any specification of demography, our rate is $200 per 1000. Also for US connections, rate is same.
  4. We charge $50 per month to maintain the Facebook page. Maintaining will include posting, voting, contest, spam removal-everything.
  5. We also do coding for Facebook page/FBML. Rate depends on application.
Today a lot of options exist for promoting your product in Facebook but unless you have a prior experience in deploying Facebook promotion projects, you may miss the best option that Facebook can offer to you. SMTG Facebook experts will help you to formulate your best stragey from different options such as

  1. Facebook assisted promotion for page/web views:  We prepare facebook promotion advertisements, set target demographic and monitor to modify the promotional graphics to achieve best page view to click conversion rate.
  2. SMTG also promote your forums/page/groups in Facebook. Our typical charge is $350 to bring 1000 members/fans.  We bring only authentic facebook users.

    (Some of the forums currently we are operating for our clients:)

    1. Voicegig (

    2. Digital Trends (

    3. Cheap Car Insurance (

    4. M & F Trainer ( )

    5. Travel and Tourism (

    6. Bengali Film Reviews (

    7. Bollywood Film Review (

    8. Brevity Comic Strip (

    9. Vihara Foundation (

    10. Erica Homes, LLC (

    11. Lovesutra (

    12. Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine (

    13. Flatbooster (www.

    14. 90Bolas ( )

    15. Mpora ( )

    16. International Movie Network ( )

    17. Lifestyle( )

    18. SMTG Job Solution

    19. Indian Politics ( )

    20. American Politics

    21. Premier Smiles Dentistry ( )

    22. Indian Real Estate Blog

    23. Washington Kali Temple ( )

    24. Aquaterra

    25. Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty : Gurukul and Shrutinandan

    26. Apex Bail Bonding and Defendant Monitoring Agency

    27. No Limit Financial

    28. Villagers of World village

    29. PAGE 3 Plus ( )

    30. Con-Cret: Concentrated Creatine ( )

    31. Citylight( )

    32. TechKnowledgeOnDemand

    33. Super Collagen + Vitamin C ( )

    34. Abrakadoodle Artists ( )

    35. Thedinosaurhaus ( )

  3. Besides SMTG also provides the service for sending messages, posting on the walls, adding in notes/tags and organizing the events.
  4. SMTG creates news/interviews (text/radio/video-all online) for the clients and promotes the advertisement embedded in the news and then the news are posted to target-forums in the social networking media.
We also offer email marketing solution. ( Contact us for Rate Card : )
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